Cheque Based Finance in Chennai

JP Finance in Chennai, a group of eight highly influential and reputed financiers in chennai. Who combine our funds and help corporate organization to resolve their financial crisis. When we are in shortage of funds we ask other groups to fund for our clients. This happen even in vice versa when other financiers group are in shortage of funds, they transfer their clients to us for funding.

Financiers market in chennai is totally different from the normal people perception. No one is dealing with black money or trust funds for low interest rates. 

“Let’s start with “Who are all – Cheque Basis Financiers in Chennai”

  • Basic Profile Cheque Basis Financiers.
  • Medium Profile Cheque Basis Financiers.
  • High Profile Cheque Basis Financiers.

Basic Profile Cheque Basis Financiers:

Doctors, Pharma, White Collar Professions, CEO’s, Regional Heads and Some High Profile Professions. These Professionals invest on clients business from the minimum of Rs 10 lacs to 20 lacs. Interest Rates depends upon the business transactions and vulnerability of business model. No Financiers in chennai is ready to fund on negative profile business models like Real Estate and Construction Businesses.

Medium Profile Cheque Basis Financiers  :

High Networth Individual (HNI) & Non Residential Indian (NRI). These People funds are managed by their personal auditors and their own well wishers. These type of financiers will invest minimum of Rs 30 lacs to Rs 50 lacs. Again the Rate of Interest is fully decided upon your business account transaction and credibility of your business. These Financiers are highly influenced by the credibility factor because they have minimum time to verify the Business Models.

High Profile Cheque Basis Financiers :

Need more than a crore, you are in a right place. High Profile financiers are Businesses, Star Hotel Owners, Shopping Mall Owners and some Niche Angel Investors. On most of the scenarios, business to business funding is easy and safe, we know number of companies who deals with B2B funding.These Financiers in chennai change you low interest rates and give you long repayment schedule. Minimum of 2% Rate of Interest and Maximum of 10 to 12 Months Repayment schedule for your business. Profile Verification by these Financiers are lucrative than other. They Check high performance business transaction and high credibility business.

How To Choose Right Financiers in Chennai:

  • Never go for High Interest Rate Financiers
  • If a Financier ask you to repay the amount in a span of short period, please neglect that. This type of funding is too risky.
  • Avoid going behind the financiers mediator blindly.
  • Before choosing the Financiers, you have to verify whether that financier have some ethical standards.
  • Don’t Pay any Advance or Upfront Fees to Finance Mediator or Auditors.
  • You cannot raise 500 crores or 100 crores in Unsecured or Secured Funding. It’s Just a Hoax.

Why To Choose Unsecured Finance in Chennai:

  • You Get immediate funding, if the credibility rating is overwhelmed. Financiers in Chennai fund you within an hour.
  • Do you run a business, but don’t have a property. No Worry, get unsecured funding from minimum of Rs 10 lacs to Maximum of Rs 40 Crores.
  • Struck with tough problem, need immediate funding, but don’t have the time for signing finance formality. No Issues, Reputed clients can get immediate funding and can complete their formality later.
  • Bagging business orders, but don’t have a financial support. Need Emergency Funding to Balance your Business. Just Call us, we are one of the reputed emergency Financiers in Chennai.
  • OD Enhancement / Account Freezed, MOD Process. Are Struggling without Bank Support. At this point you can go for Unsecured Finance in Chennai.
  • If you are not ready to pay the EMI for 5 months or 10 months, and just looking for 15 days or 30 days finance, Call us. This type of Funding is very useful to satisfy your need. To get this finance you have pledge your property documents.

Couldn’t raise loan through Banks because of CIBIL Problem.

Max Cheque Basis Financiers in Chennai will fund You.

  • Don’t worry about NPA
  • Low Cibil Score
  • Or Became as Cibil Defaulter.

Just Dial a Call and get unsecured Finance in Chennai.

Why to Choose Max Cheque Basis Financiers in Chennai:

  • We fund clients immediately within an hour depending upon credibility factor.
  • Our Team is linked with 90% Financiers in Chennai i.e., 250+ Regular & 50+ Top Professional Financiers.
  • One time formality process is enough with JP Finance.
  • Get your regular funding and regular renewal without any hassle.
  • JP Finance will fund challenging cases too.
  • Last But not least “No Upfront Fees or Advances”

JP Finance Welcome Finance Mediator in Chennai:

  • Looking for some Credible Financiers for your clients. Join Us immediately Finance Mediators, Connectors, Consultant & Freelancers.
  • Don’t Get worried about Client Overlapping, we have unique process to solve this problem.
  • Get your Commission immediately after the funding.
  • Mediator who bring the clients first will be validated, and another mediator with the same client, who come after the first will not be validated.

Required Documents for get Unsecured Finance in Chennai:

  • 3 to 6 months Bank Transaction.
  • Last 2 years IT.
  • Cheque Leaf.
  • Address Proof.
  • ID Proof.
  • TIN (if any)

(Verification of any previous unsecured funds – Possible)

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